Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Kersey Pottery

One of my pleasures is Studio pottery.  To me there is something deeply satisfying about a well-made, hand-made pot.  It appeals on both a sensual and intellectual level.  Through it I feel a real connection with the Arts and Crafts movement.  I have  small collection of pots that I hope to display sometime on this blog.
As you will know from my last post the bf and I stopped off in Kersey on Friday.  What I didn't tell you is that we paid a visit to the Kersey Pottery.  Here is their website. The pottery and show-room are located just up from the ford that bisects the main street.  (I think it's The Street to the north of the ford and Chruch Street to the south, but I'm not sure.)  You turn through a gate and down a grassy track.  The pottery is on your left formed from an old stable.
The show-room was looking a little bare. It turned out that the show-room is closing and the pottery re-locating to a nearby village.  If I remember rightly they will not be re-opening the show-room.  I feel quite sad about that.  I remember visiting the pottery when I lived near-by in Monks Eleigh in the mid nineties, when I was working on the completion of the Cathedral at Bury St Edmunds.
Anyway the bf was feeling generous and bought me a small hexgonal vase.  It was a wonderful tactile quality to it.  I love the thick gloss glaze and the simple decoration. (I hope to post an image tomorrow.) It's tomorrow, and here is the vase.


I have also decided to change the way I present my favourite websites here.  There will now be a new section for Studio Pottery.  Enjoy.

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