Thursday, 7 February 2013

Another half hour in the garden...

Since I have ceased to be a full time carer (my father has gone into permanent care) I've begun to look at those things which I have neglected of late.  One of these is the garden.  Gardening, and gardens, are a great pleasure but the commitment of looking after another person, particularily when they are so ill, made gardening a chore, just another call on my time.  I attempted to maintain thigs at a certain, passable level, but I itched to do more.  The small veg patch at the end of the garden was particularily neglected. 

However since Christmas, and weather permitting, I have tried to spend a few minutes each day out there tidying up ready for the spring.  This morning I had a go at the veg patch.  Believe me it was worse.....
The idea behind this small patch, is still as it was when I first cleared the ground  four or so years ago:  to grow those things that are not found in local supermarkets, or if they are for sale are only available in wasteful amounts.  For instance: chard, radishes, lambs lettuce, board beans, runner beans, rockett.

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