Saturday, 17 May 2014

House and Garden 1968 I The Conrans at home

Sheer coincidence.  After a couple of posts on Habitat catalogues from the mid-to-late seventies there arrived in yesterday's post the March 1968 edition of 'House and Gardens' (edited by the multi-talented Robert Harling).  Unbeknownst to me when I bought it on ebay - from a lovely seller, who very kindly sent a short, hand-written letter with the magazine: turns out they were a bit of a Conran fan too - the March edition contains a smallish feature on the London town house of the Conrans - Caroline and Terence.  (It had to be an NW postcode didn't it?)  I simply bought the magazine because it (also) features the home of Osbert Lancaster, a bit of a hero of mine.  A real bonus then.  I hope to post some more pictures in the coming weeks - the magazine is such a delight.

No hint of the Conrans on the cover - it shows the Cotswold cottage of Hugh Francis.  No idea of who he is but he does have a lot of taste.

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