Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mary Gilliatt: 'A House in the Country' II

Here is part two of my selection of images from Mary Gilliat's 'A House in the Country' - a slightly different selection from the which my friend Ben Pentreath posted earlier this week.

I love this photograph.

I suspect that this cottage, in Suffolk, also belonged to Mary Gilliatt.  The furniture in the dining room including the dresser, and the items on that dresser, are identical to those in the image of her dining room and kitchen I posted at the end of last week.  I wonder what the explanation is?

Seriously, what's not to like?

The hall is stunning.

The home of film director John Schlesinger and his partner Geoffrey Sharpe.  The work of David Hicks.  The outside, a former oasthouse in the Weald is suffering from a thorough going over in Suburban style.  The inside however is more more interesting.  The best room is the dining room.  Stairs in the style of Eliel Saarinen, derived in turn from Voysey.

A wonderful evocative image, those stairs.

With the possible exception of the lighting there's nothing I would change.  I even like the Casa Pupo rug.

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