Sunday, 4 May 2014

'In the Family'

The names were familiar, where had I heard them before?  And then it came to me - standing there in the 'The Rampant Lions Press exhibition - 'The World of Interiors'.  November, 1982.  'In the Family'.  Text: Priscilla Boniface, photography: Michael Boys.  An article I have continued to return to over the years, and it still delights me now.   The house in question, owned by The National Trust, was lived in by the Sutcliffes, John and Gabrielle.  He worked for the Trust - and an expert of historical decorative schemes - and Gabrielle a classical musician.  Tom was the son of the artist Holman Sutcliffe and she the daughter of Will Carter.  In fact the article was published at the time of the original 1982 Rampant Lions Press exhibition at the Fitzwilliam.  I'm not sure what else I can say.  Enjoy.

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