Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sir John Ninian Comper II

I was lucky to be in Ketton on Monday.  It is attractive limestone village just west of Stamford.  The church (St Mary) is a cruciform structure was a supremely elegant central tower and spire.  Unfortunately my attempts to photograph it failed.  However what I was able to photograph (marginally) more successfully was the series of stained glass windows by the Sir John Ninian Comper inside.

These two pictures taken in the nave show the position of the Comper windows, and dramatic, and precarious looking, access route to the bell ringers chamber in the tower.
Comper's other glass, which I take to be later, fills the three lancet windows in the east wall of the (Victorian) chancel.  In this window Christ is show as young, blond and beardless.  Note also the lack of backgrounds. It became fashionable, I suppose as a reaction to the sombre-saturated churches of the mid to late nineteenth century.  It wasn't uncommon in the mid twentieth century to rob Victorian windows of their backgrounds to let in more light.


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