Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Aviemore Pottery Vase

'As readers of this blog will know' I like Studio Pottery.  One of my favourite marks is 'Aviemore Pottery'.  I remember buying odd bits as a child on holiday in Scotland mainly as presents for relatives.  I did also buy for myself.  Life being what it is I managed to loose the meagre collection I had, and it's really only in the last few years since I got on line that I have started collecting again.  I purchased this lovely vase a few weeks ago.   I must confess to the odd doubt when I realised how small it is.  The fears however were groundless; it is a wonderful piece with a depth and quality to the glaze I think is marvellous, and deeply tactile, enhanced by the size and shape of the body.  I also enjoy the contrast between the white inside the neck of the vase and the dark intensity of the outside glaze.

I took these shots earlier this afternoon.  The following shots were taken earlier this week and later in the afternoon.  I particularly love the raking light at this time of year. Anyway I played with these earlier images and here are the results.

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