Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Belton III Ss Peter & Paul

'Built to the memory of God, and the glory of the Cust family.'  So said Henry Cust.  And with some justification.  This small, rather pretty country church is crammed with monuments to the family, some the work of internationally important sculptors like Canova, Westmacot and Marochetti, so crammed as to be a distraction from the divine.  And I suppose that's what makes churches in Britain, esp England and Wales such a delight to visit, the sudden discovery of something by somebody famous standing there amongst all the detritus of the parochial - stacks of chairs and notice boards and flower vases.  A free art gallery in fact.

The church, which is reached from the house through a lovely set of wrought iron gates, has only one aisle (to the north), which has been extended out like a transept to provide more space for the monuments.  There is another picture of the church, from the south, in the first Belton post.  Of the monuments I was most interested in the Baroque, which are here (in order) by Edward Stanton & Christopher Horsnaile (x2) William Stanton and Henry Cheere.  The final image shows amongst others the tomb by Marochetti and monument (standing woman) by Canova

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