Sunday, 22 June 2014

Classic Car and Motorcycle Show

Just back from the Car and Bike show in Bourne.  It's one of my favourite local events.  Any event that has old cars and a jazz band can't be bad.  It is has a wonderful mellow atmosphere.  The owners sit around in folding garden chairs enjoying picnic lunches.  And then there are the vehicles.  I don't drive, but if I had to (and I think I may have to) I'd be sore tempted to get something old.  They have such great colours and character - I don't care that they maybe difficult to drive, or keep repaired, or guzzle petrol with a thirst that resembles alcoholism.  Here are some of them that attracted my attention.  I have 'painted' out the registration numbers.  If I've missed any I apologize to the owners.

Morris minor estate.  Lovely

Camp little number this.

A Maxi.  My parents had one of these - a green one - when I was young.

One of these is tempting.  I did suggest to the bf getting one and driving around the British Coast for a year, but he wasn't having that.  Shame.

And then there are these.  Even more tempting. And scarier.


  1. My parents had a blue maxi in the 70's. It seemed quite a big car in those days somehow. Having a look round your blog, it's lovely. I'll be back.

  2. Hello Penny, thanks for your comments. Much appreciated. My parent's maxi seemed big to me too, perhaps it's simply because I was only six or seven and at that age the adult world does seem big - who knows? In the end they sold it and bought a white dormobile with two thin blue stripes down the side.