Sunday, 1 June 2014

House and Garden 1968 II

Another article for you from the March edition of House and Gardens 1968.  Four shillings well spent, I'd say.  This article is about the holiday home of David and Pamela Hicks in the south of France.  It is an incredibly sophisticated work by one of Britain's leading post-War interior designers.  The dining room is amazing, the balance of colour and texture, old and new is exquisite.  Everything so well chosen, I would however, it's not possible to highlight one or two objects.  Not without naming everything.  It's all good.  I suspect, however, the thought of eating with the Hicks would have terrified most people.  It would me, or rather terrified and excited me in equal amounts.  They seem impossibly grand.  But, although tempted to, I wouldn't have refused.  The added treat with this article is that it is written by Mary Gilliatt.  Enjoy.

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