Tuesday, 19 November 2013

St Peter, Cambridge

This the church of St Peter.  It stands adjacent to Kettle's Yard - in fact the house forms part of the boundary of the graveyard. Church and graveyard stand in the oldest part of Cambridge (Roman in origin) - though you wouldn't necessarily think so from the architecture, which appears mainly Victorian once you have crossed the Northampton St./ Chesterton St. junction.  Pockets, however, of the old urban fabric survive in and around Northampton St/ Pound Hill area.  Kettles' Yard and the adjacent church form one of these enclaves.  As you can see the church is very small - the process of historical change - but it probably was never that large to begin with.  It is now under the are of the Churches Conservation Trust.  And they keep it very well.

The CCT tend to simplify the interiors, enhancing their sense of the numinous and deepening their antiquity.  Note the Norman period font decorated with Mermen.

Beside the altar is this - the ledger stone for Jim Ede.  Exquisite lettering.

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