Friday, 15 November 2013

yet more re-decorating.....

The saga drags on.  I take full responsibility.  I should have booked the painter and decorator much earlier.  The first floor is still topsy-turvy.  Though I have redecorated the bathroom, well almost.  The delay however has allowed me to take my time in choosing the colour for the walls in my bedroom, and to have a major crisis of confidence.  The visit to the bf's gave me an opportunity to get some tester pots at 'Cutlack's' in Ely - they stock Zoffany, Sanderson, Little Green, Fired Earth and Farrow and Ball.  And since I've been back I've been a busy boy.

The print over the desk is a student work by the photographer, Rick Morris Pushinsky

Currently my bedroom is painted in Sanderson Spectrum - Bronze Olive Lt (walls) and Cameo White (everything else).  I don't dislike the colour at all and I will keep the Cameo White (in fact I have extended it's use to the whole house), however I feel the darkness of the walls contributes to the room, which faces west, getting so damn hot in summer.  A lighter colour is needed.  As of today the clear favourite is 'Scarab' by Fired Earth, with 'Mouse's Back', by Farrow and Ball a second.  I would have preferred to stay with Sanderson, to be consistent, but their browns contain too much green.

A chaos of paint samples in the guest room.

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