Wednesday, 14 August 2013

St Firmin, Thurlby

I went sketching this morning, to St Firmin's church, Thurlby.  I took a number of shots of both the exterior and interior to help me decide how to approach a 'finished' watercolour of the church.  Although they are really for my reference, I thought I'd share the best with you.  St Firmin's is small but picturesque church; the architecture being full of incident and texture.  It sits almost on the fen edge on the eastern fringe of the village. The western boundary of the churchyard is the Carr Dyke, a Roman drainage channel (no longer thought to be a canal) that runs along the western edge of the Fens.  The lovely planting around the church means that only substantive views of the church are from the south and east.  The church is dedicated, for those who wondering who St Firmin was, to a Gallo-Roman bishop from Amiens.

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