Sunday, 20 March 2016

Own Work: The 'Rustiche' of Sebastiano Serlio

I have returned to the 'Extraordinario Libro di Architettura' of Sebastiano Serlio (Giouambattista & Marchio Sessa, Venice, 1560).  Here is the first arch of the section 'Rustiche' section.  It is the entrance to 'Le Grand Ferrare' - the urban palace that Serlio built in Fontainebleau for the Papal Legate to the French court the Cardinal of Ferrara, Ippolito d'Este, between 1541 and 1548. There are thirty designs in the 'Rustiche' and another twenty in the following 'Dilicate'.  I have decided to paint all thirty of the 'Rustiche'.  Luckily I have done some of them already.

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