Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Holiday III Wells Cathedral

The next day we motored over to Wells cathedral - the view coming Bristol Hill is stunning with Glastonbury Tor in the middle distance, like stepping into a mythic landscape, which of course it is.  Wells really is a gem among English cathedrals.  Small but just exquisite.  The craftsmanship is incredible; there are all sorts of figures hiding among the capitals and other carved detail of the Early English nave and transepts.  The chapter house, and those wonderful steps are Geometric Decorated; the architectural critic and historian Alec Clifton Taylor said it was the most beautiful in England.  The Lady Chapel at the far east of the cathedral is Reticulated Decorated; the retrochoir Curvilinear Decorated; the choir, for me the most wonderful part of a building full of wonders, is also Decorated but of a later date still - just at that moment when Curvilinear Decorated begins to freeze into Perpendicular. Look at the tracery.  The towers and the cloisters are fully Perpendicular Gothic.  There isn't any more to say, apart from 'Go!'  You will not be disappointed.  There's even a working Medieval clock with jousting figures to mark the hours.  And the city is pretty lovely too.

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