Friday, 5 September 2014


I haven't really talked about my attempts to get published.  When I first finished 'Chameleon' 'back in the day' I sent it off to a bevy of agents, (to date more than twenty), but got nowhere.  It was a slow process taking a few years to work through so many.  I grew disillusioned, the number of agents left  dealing in 'literary fiction' seemed too meagre to bother about, and to be honest my attempts have languished since then, I think due also to my role as a carer.  My life became more and more pruned in those years; I can't believe looking back how pinched my life became.  However this summer, in June, I submitted the novel, 'Chameleon', to Jonathon Cape at Random House as part of their open submissions month.  I am yet to receive a response, so I guess it hasn't been liked.
Thanks to an article, on the radio I think, I have just uploaded the first four chapters of 'Chameleon' onto the Authonomy website run by Harper Collins.  It's free to use.  Link here  I hope you like it. I hope you feel you can give me your support.  Comments (constructive ones!) will be gratefully received.  You will see on my Authonomy page I have linked through to the bf's novel 'Murder They said', one of his detective novels that pay hommage to Agatha Christie  and feature his bickering amateur sleuths Miss Acres and Mrs Devine.  Enjoy that too.

Remember there are other extracts from 'Chameleon' here on this blog!
Also 'Murder They Said' and the other novel in the series: 'Miss Acres Greatest Challenge': are available for kindle readers on Amazon. Here

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