Sunday, 5 January 2014

A stinking cold and Robert Harling

Funny how things take you.  I'm siting here, Sunday afternoon, with a stinker of a cold and feeling, at times, bloody miserable.  I've been spending some of my time on the internet - quite a lot of it on Pinterest.  (Yes, I've joined - just after Christmas.  You can find me on  One pin led to another and I found myself back on Ben Pentreath's blog (Do all roads, like Rome, lead there?), looking for the name of a short-lived magazine published in the late forties dedicated to graphic design.  'Alphabet and Image'.  A few more pins led me to a whole host on information on Robert Harling, co-founder of the magazine, including his very lovely house.  And what a remarkable man he was - I'm tempted to call him a renaissance man: designer, journalist, novelist, editor.  Worthy of a more detailed blog when I feel better.  Though it is interesting how our interests develop, become more intense at a particular moment in time.  I had read Mr Pentreath's blog sometime ago, but it was only this afternoon did it bear fruit.

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