Monday, 1 July 2013


I realise this is rather late, but here a few pictures from the trip the bf and I made to Norwich.  I was hardly a consistent photographer so the following don't reflect all that we saw, not that we went in search of anything in particular....

Perhaps it's getting to be a bit of cliché to see a house painted in this manner but I do like that colour combination.  The creeper too is an attractive addition, hard to think this is in the middle of a large city and not a market town or village.

Provincial Baroque

This is where we had lunch...

Next door in the church of St John Maddermarket is this Georgian Ciborium (a rare thing).

In St Stephen's church there was a plethora of Baroque monuments:


Some care has been taken to getting the placing correct.

What was the designer of that screen thinking about?

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