Monday, 10 June 2013

A bit more catching up

As regular readers will know I'm rather attached to Baroque architecture here in the British Isles.  Here is a baroque monument to be found in what remains of the east Cloister walk at Ely Cathedral.  The cloisters now form a kind of porch that gives access from the southern parts of the Cathedral Close.  This monument, to Humphrey Smith, is on the right hand side as you step into the porch and is surrounded by all sorts of junk.  I had been to Ely cathedral before but I was only drawn to this monument after Edwin Smith's evocative and atmospheric photograph published in 'Cambridgeshire' by Olive Cook (Smith's wife), Blackie and Son, 1953.  It's not the most thrilling piece of funereal art I've seen but it's not bad.  There is some nice detailing of shells on the side swags.  I wonder if it has been moved out of the cathedral at one point and dumped there?

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