Wednesday, 6 June 2012

After the Jubilee

The bunting came down this morning, and I have been left feeling somewhat melancholic. Perhaps it is the sensation of the passing of time that these events evoke, who knows? (Funny, but I still regret that for the Silver Jubilee in 1977 I was in France on a school trip. Well it was either the Lake District or France - and I rather I didn't do either but it was compulsory to do one. Character building or something.....) For me the only thing at fault during this Jubilee was the non-appearance of the State Coach. (I'd like to add, 05.02.2013, that was as if the Queen's journey to St Paul's Cathedral had become a purely private event - the lack of crowds along the Strand and Fleet Street reflected this?) A pity. This lunchtime I managed to do some revising of 'Chameleon'. Yet more revision, this time pushed on me by my poor attempts at turning the novel into a screenplay! Writing this I am listening to Kinny and Horne.

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